September 20, 2021

2021 Finals

 Hello everyone

Another   RTL  seasons the books

Thank you all who joined in to play this session and do your best to complete matches on time. It was a very successful session with about 88% of the matches played.

Three RTL finals were played Sunday afternoon  at Kutzky.

Congratulations to champions and runner ups 

Women's singles champion Suzanne Tanner-Bertrand
Women's singles runner up Amy Heitz

Men's level I champion  Felix Diehn
Men's level I runner up Marko Jokic

Men's level II champion Amjith Khader
Men's level II runner up Brandon Rucker

Pictures from the finals on the link below

You can view last round scores and final standings on our site  Standing are on the bottom of the schedule page below week #5 scores

  I hope you all enjoyed playing tennis through RTL this summer  and hope to see you join again next year. 

As we progress to the indoor season I plan to run Sunday morning singles again at RTC indoor.

If you would like to get on that email list let me know. There is no obligation to play any particular number of  matches.

 I send an email out every Monday to see who wants to play the following Sunday.

I try to match up players by their skill level.  Times are 10am or 11:30am  Sunday mornings. For a flat fee you get to play 1.5 hours. Fees change each year so we will have to wait to hear from the club. 

Last year they charged non members 22 dollars if I recall well and RTC members were charged $12.. We usually start in October.  If you would like to get on this mailing list let me know.

So long everyone.  I will be getting in touch with you next spring.

Maksim Lecic

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