July 19, 2023

 Registration for Rochester Tennis League session III singles and session II doubles starts today .

The last session of the 2023 season  starts August 14th and ends September 17th

Registration deadline is July 25th 

Session III will have a tournament format with consolation rounds. Scores will be due each Sunday night with no extensions allowed. New match ups will be posted every Monday morning.

We hope to have two brackets (level I and level II)  in men's and one in women's singles and one bracket in doubles (open to all variations of doubles teams).

Seeds will be set according to final standings at the end of the current session. 

You will have one less day to play your weekly match (deadline is Sunday instead of Monday),  finding courts due to the girls  high school season and less daylight might be a bit more challenging .  

All this will make finishing matches on time extra difficult so please register only if you are sure you can keep up and play weekly. Playing ahead won't be possible since we won't know your next opponent until that monday. I guess only exception might be round 1 if I am able to set up session 3 a few days ahead of the August 14th

Returning players register on the links below

New players joining for the first time register on the link below

New players are required to pay a one time registration fee of $30.

Doubles league will also have Sunday night deadlines to play and no ability to postpone matches .

Have a great week and hope we have a good turnout for the last session.