March 4, 2022

RTL 2022

 Hi everyone

For many of you seasonal players it might be too early to start looking for those dusty tennis rackets down in the basement but I figured even talking about the next tennis session might be therapeutic to some :)

Next season
As of now, my plan is to run RTL singles as usual with session I  starting  April 25th .  Registration for the first session will start in a week or two. 

You will get an email when the sign up forms for returning players are ready.  

RTL will continue to have flexible scheduling with  one match every week. Players will be encouraged to play during the designated week but they will be able to make up missed matches later in the session. 

We will continue with the  casual division for those who want to play occasionally. This is basically just a list of players that is shared with that group so they can  contact each other for occasional matches.
This group doesn't report scores and they don't have a schedule or deadlines.

Since Mayo and Century courts won't be available this spring (due to construction)   we won't be starting doubles  league before mid June. 

Finding an open court this spring during boys highschool season will be a challenge but hopefully with flexible scheduling guidelines as we had last year most matches will get done.

Aside from Soldier's field, the Young part has decent courts and also I noticed Elmcroft court was redone recently too. I am not aware of any other decent courts run by parks and rec but if you do let me know and I can share it with the group.  

Allendale , Goose egg and Foxcroft are in really bad shape and Quarry hill has that plastic surface that most players don't like.  JM courts will be super busy this spring because aside from JM players they will be used by other Rochester teams and same goes for Kutzky park (there are 5 boys teams in Rochester).  

I wanted to thank those of you who left comments on the Parks and Rec survey regarding the future of tennis courts at Soldier's field. It's important to let decision makers know   that there is a large number of tennis players who  use those courts.

Interleague match

It's been a few years since our last inter league meet with Farmington Area Tennis league , and I hope  to set it up again this summer. It's a team event  consisting of singles and doubles.  
I will share more details if we manage to set it up. 

Sunday singles
I will continue to set up Sunday morning singles at RTC  until we can start playing outside. If anyone would like to get on that list let me know.

Suggestions / ideas
  If  you have any suggestions or ideas for improving RTL  or ideas about additional tennis opportunities that we as a group can set up let me know.

If you would like to be removed from this mailing list please send me an email and will remove your contact info.

So long for now, I will get in touch soon about singles league registration.

Maksim Lecic