October 10, 2020

2020 Finals


RTL  season concluded  last week.

Three finals were played Sunday evening at Kutzky park courts. Congratulations to the champions and runner ups.

Women's singles champion Monica Way
Women's singles runner up Melanie Lyden

Men's level I champion Adam Mc Dougle
Men's level I runner up Daniel Chiang

Men's level II champion Jamie Neisen
Men's level II runner up Sam Hompe

Some photos from the final at


Final rankings should be ready on the bottom of the schedule page (links below)

Thank you all for trying your best to finish your matches on time and being part of the league. Our match completion rate for  session II was 82%. 

We had a few injuries that contributed to  more matches missed .  I filled some openings  but eventually we ran out of subs. 

I  wanted to thank  Sam Bohning, and Adrew Faller for helping me enter scores in the first session . Your help is greatly appreciated. 

After all , this turned out to be a bit shorter but still under the circumstances  a  pretty successful season.  

 A good number of new players joined us, two of them (Monica and Adam ) ended up on the top of the rankings. 

RTL awarded  about $400 worth of gift cards and trophies for divisional winners and champions/runner ups this year.

I hope to see you all join RTL in the future. I have received  a lot of positive  comments about the league. You can also leave a review about RTL on the link below which should help promote the league.


There is a good chance I  will run Sunday morning  indoor singles over the winter again  but I will email everyone when I have more details. 

So long for this season, see you next year.  

Maksim Lecic

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